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Bathing in Helsingborg - Important links and information

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Summer is a little tricky this year, but when is it not? Here are some links that will help you in planning your visit:

SMART BEACHES (BETA): This year we need to be a little careful about our beach visits. To help you plan better, the city has released a beta version of a map where you can see how crowded it is at Fria Bad and Gröninge live! You can also see the bathing water temperature for other bathing sites.

This is a beta version and is under testing but you can use it to plan your visit. The estimate is based on the number of mobile devices that are located near the city's wifi. Visit the map here.

LIST OF BEACHES: From sandy beaches to tropical palm trees, there's something for everyone. You can find the list of all the beaches in and around Helsingborg on this link. On this link you can click on each beach to additional information like availability of toilets, restaurants, safety facilities in place etc.

DOG BEACH: Want to hit the beach with your four-legged friend? Then this link is for you. Please note From May 1 to September 30, dogs are not allowed in regular bathing areas. Instead, you can visit the designated dog bath areas. Visit this link for more information.

ACCESSIBLE BEACHES: Four of Helsingborg's beaches are adapted for you if you have a disability. Read more here.

WATER QUALITY FORECAST: Did you know, daily forecast is made for bathing water quality for fourteen of Helsingborg's bathing areas. You can follow this map here which gives an overview of all the bathing spots in Helsingborg.

GO ON AN ADVENTURE: Play an adventure game, get active and win prizes at the same time! On the Badplatsjakten app, you have to visit different bathing spots, find a hidden code and win prizes. Read all about it here along with app download links.

BORROW A LIFE-JACKET: Did you know, you can borrow life jackets from the city? There are many types of life jackets available and you borrow more than one (if you need for your family or a group). These can be taken for a maximum of four days and you need to sign an agreement. You can fill a form here to get started.

LIFEGUARDS AND SIGNS: In the summer, you will find lifeguards at Fria bad, Rydebäck and Råå Vallar. Wh en they are in place, a yellow and white flag is hoisted on lifeguard towers that are clearly visible from afar. 2-3 lifeguards per beach are on site Monday-Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00 from 9 June and will be there until 9 August. There are three kinds of flags you can see.

  • Yellow and white flag: The lifeguard tower is manned

  • Red flag: Warning for dangerous currents

  • Purple flag: Warning for poisonous algae

PARKING NEAR BEACHES: While parking your vehicle, please do not block access roads to the beach, even though sometimes it can be difficult to find parking spots. If there is an incident, like drowning, it becomes very difficult for ambulances, rescue vehicles or the police to arrive.


For any more information, please feel free to reach out by the website chat function, email ( or on social media.


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