10 Places To Find Amazing Street Art In Helsingborg

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

If there is one thing that can transform a city’s dull and boring walls, then that is Street Art. Often street art goes beyond beautification and can be a reflection of the times, the artists and the sentiment of the people. And this form of expression is now being recognized widely in the urban art movement and otherwise. 

Helsingborg found its way on the street art map in 2015 with the first wall which is quite familiar to those who live here - "In the land of grey and pink" (No 1 in the list below) by Telmo Miel right in the city centre. Soon after, the movement took a natural course of growth and now invites international artists to visit and contribute to the walls of the city.

Street Art Helsingborg’s goal is to inspire everyone (and that includes artists, visitors, municipalities and companies) to make art accessible to everyone and that art should not be limited to galleries and museums. 

Street Art Helsingborg is moderated by Kulturhotellet, a driving force in the development of a vibrant and a booming street art culture in the city. They also manage and execute various art projects with public and private collaborators. 

While they will soon plan street art tours and make available maps to find the paintings in the city, here are details of ten beautiful murals of the city and where to find them (in no particular order).

1. In the land of pink and grey

Artist(s) - Telmo Miel 

Location - Norra Strandgatan 11

Where it all started! Done in collaboration with the 2015 HX festival by the Dutch duo Telmo Miel, 'In the land of grey and pink' can be found right in the heart of the city and was one of the first murals in Helsingborg.  This project was made by the agency Addmorecolor.

More work by the artists here - www.telmomiel.com

Image (c) Street Art HBG

2. Mélia’s Journey

Artist - Mantra

Location - Malmöleden/Furutorpsgatan 

Created by the French artist Mantra, this piece is referred to by the locals as “The Cat” and not very difficult to spot when you’re taking the train in or out of Helsingborg. The inspiration for this came from a private photo taken at the residence of a well a well-renowned photographer, Martha Cooper.

This mural was made during ArtstreetHbg in 2018.

Image (c) Street Art HBG

3. Amy Sol 

Artist - Amy Sol, USA

Location - Övre Holländaregatan, Helsingborg

American artist Amy Sol created this mural in 2019 during #ArtStreetHBG, a collaboration between Helsingborg Stad (Stadsbyggnadsförvaltningen and Kulturförvaltningen) and Kulturhotellet.

Inspired by the artist's love of mythology and folk art, the piece becomes one with its environment beautifully. 

More work by the artist here - www.amysol.com

4. Unexpected Journey through the day